How Do I Get My Hip Bones To Stick Out?


Although it feels good to look perfect in photos, it is not possible in real life. You can try your best to attain the ideal body shape and do everything that professionals recommend. However, you still won’t get that look that the runaway models show in their photoshoots. Because believe us, fashion magazine photos are edited. They are made to make everyone look at the model or the picture. Therefore, the super perfect Instagram models are nothing like that in real life.

So if you are looking forward to that, you should rethink because this isn’t real life.


One of the best ways to make your hip bones stick out is through dieting. Your abdominal area and waistline will become thin and your overall body fat will also reduce only with dieting. So make sure to keep a healthy and controlled diet.

And with a healthy and controlled diet, you should avoid processed foods and things with high sugar content. So you won’t be eating any junk food, not on your cheat days. Make a habit of eating healthy food, fruits, veggies, and fresh juice. Otherwise, you won’t get what you are after.

Pay attention to your body type

The body shape and the physical characteristics of our bones are purely genetic. Therefore, you should not do everything that others are doing. If your body fat is low and still you are not getting what you wanted then it is because of your body shape.

One of the ways to get that V-line is to check your waist. The point where your waist is narrow and this is the area that you will focus more. Try to do exercises that can offer a thin waist. This will make your back muscles look full. Furthermore, do not forget to keep doing the exercises to develop back muscles.

Use exercise ball


You can do a lot of exercises that will make your hip bones stick out. But one of the best ones and with effective results is an exercise ball. If you have been using the ball for some time, you can do this alone. But if it is your first time on an exercise ball, you will need a helper.

As for the exercise, you will need to sit in a plank position. After you are in that position, lift your feet and place your lower legs on the ball. Now flex your hips and pull your legs to your body’s right side. Plus, you have to keep your back as straight as possible. Do the same on your left side. Repeat it 10 to 15 times in each set and do 3 sets every day.