Is Cream of Wheat Healthy?

“Cream of Wheat” is a brand that provides breakfast porridge. So if you, at first, thought that it was actually some sort of cream, it is not.

What is it made of?

This porridge is made from “farina” which is a hot cereal that is derived from wheat. And not just regular wheat, the type that has been milled so much to form a fine consistency. Thus, the final product is a thick and smooth texture with a creamy taste. This is then packed and you will have it for breakfast.

The best way to eat it

The best way to eat the “cream of Wheat” is by combining it with milk or water, however you like. In addition to this, you can also add some dried fruits or sweet and savory ingredients.

But is it a healthy diet?


This is still a questionable thing whether it can be considered a healthy diet or not. However, it sure has a lot of benefits. These include;

1 – A rich source of nutrients

The main ingredient is still wheat. Therefore, it is a rich source of micronutrients. Plus, you will be having it with milk and fruits, which will add more nutritional value to your breakfast. Furthermore, it has a very low-calorie count.

The nutritional value for a cup of cooked Cream of Wheat is;

  1. 133 calories
  2. 4 grams of protein
  3. 0.5 grams of fat
  4. 28 grams carbohydrates
  5. 1 gram of fiber
  6. 58 percent of Daily Value Iron
  7. 39 percent of Niacin
  8. 38 percent of the Daily Value of Vitamin B6
  9. 37 percent of the Daily Value of Thiamine
  10. 33 percent of the Daily Value of Riboflavin
  11. 33 percent of the Daily value of Folate
  12. 13 percent of DV of Selenium
  13. 11 percent of DV of Calcium
  14. 11 percent of DV of Copper

Looking at the nutritional value, you are surely eating something healthy that will give you enough energy. So if you need iron-rich foods, this is a great way to fulfill your needs. Furthermore, it will increase your red blood cell production. This also makes it good for people who have anemia.

2 – An easy source of food to enjoy


It is not only nutritious but also yummy to eat. Furthermore, you do not have to go through any trouble with cooking and anything else. Simply pour some milk and enjoy your meal. An additional thing that you can do with your meal adds some dried fruits or even fresh fruits. You can add anything that you want to have or eat them separately. So it will be a quick breakfast which is a need for a working community.


However, you should also know that it contains gluten. So if you are on a gluten-free diet, it won’t be the ideal choice. Furthermore, it also contains sodium, which is also not very good for people who are trying to lose weight. Therefore, we cannot exactly say that this is good for people who are on diet.