Are Quesadillas Healthy?

Quesadillas, which literally means, cheese tortilla is a very famous Mexican dish. However, only a few people know that the present-day quesadilla is much different from its original form! Before the 16th century, Quesadillas were only squash and pumpkin, wrapped in a tortilla (mostly corn tortilla).

And today, almost every type of edible thing can be filled into the tortilla to make specific quesadillas, based on the time of the meal. For example, when cooked for breakfast, the flour tortillas may have eggs, salsa, cheese, and bacon wrapped in them. Whereas for lunch and dinner, you can add your favorite meat or veggies to boost the overall taste and flavor.

Whatever type of quesadillas you eat, comes with some common ingredients such as flour, cheese, and spices. Based on the commonly served quesadillas’ ingredients, we’ve tried to figure out whether it’s healthy or not! Also, what’s the safe consumption limit based on your weight loss diet? So without any further ado, let’s begin!

Nutrient content of quesadillas

A 100g serving of quesadillas contains a total of about 293 calories. The macro and micronutrients which contribute to this calorie count are as follows

Total fat 15 grams
Total carbohydrates 24 grams
Cholesterol 37 milligrams
Protein 15 grams
Potassium 183 milligrams
Sodium 745 milligrams


0.3g of this total fat is present in the form of trans fat whereas the rest is there in the form of saturated fats. Similarly, 1.9g of total carbohydrates are present in sugar form whereas 1.7g is there in the form of dietary fibers.

Besides these macronutrients, quesadillas also provide calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, cobalamin, and vitamin D to about 26%, 9%, 6%, 5%, 3%, and 2% of total intake requirements, respectively.

So, are quesadillas healthy?


Considering the nutrient content and common ingredients added to the quesadillas, it can be considered a healthy dish. It is one of those rare delicious Mexican dishes that comes with a perfect balance among all three macronutrients. Besides, not any nutrient is above the daily intake limit which means it’s not at all unhealthy.

Since one serving of quesadillas contains only 293 calories, it does not even make up for the eighth part of the daily calorie requirement; 2000 calories. It means that you can eat quesadillas while on a low-carb diet and can even attain the state of being calorie-deficit.

How can you make quesadillas healthier?


To make your quesadillas even healthier, you better make them yourself, at home, and substitute the less healthy ingredients with healthier ones. For example, you can choose the right type of cheese, like mozzarella, tofu, or blue cheese, if you are up to weight loss.

On the other hand, if you are making quesadillas for your kids, you can use whole-grain tortillas rather than white bread. If possible, opt for corn tortillas since they are even healthier than flour tortillas.

Speaking of the other fillings, you can go with whatever you like, as per your health condition. Since no vegetable is harmful to your health, you may add anyone you like or no one at all. Make sure not to avoid your medical conditions since some veggies may interfere with your medications and treatment procedure. For example, you should avoid pumpkins if you are diabetic. Similarly, you should avoid cabbage if you have a thyroid problem.