Are Club Crackers Healthy?

Your favorite, heavenly delicious club crackers are not at all healthy! But yes, not all crackers are unhealthy. So, read further to know about those healthy crackers!

One of the most popular snacks among the late-light munchers is club crackers. Whether you are feeling bored or want to entertain your guests with some delicious & light snacks, club crackers serve all the job very well but are they also healthy?

Today, we are going to discuss the nutrient content and their effects on the human body, in detail so you can understand whether you should or shouldn’t eat them? Let’s begin!

Nutrient content of club crackers

You might be extremely surprised to know that one serving of club crackers consists of 70 kcal. Yes, it’s much heavier than a snack should be, so one thing we can say here is that club crackers are not for weight-conscious people. Everyone who wants to lose extra pounds or wants to satisfy his untimely appetites should not opt for club crackers.

Let’s have a look at other nutrients of it so we can better analyze their effect on the human body.

Fats 3 grams
Saturated fat 1 gram
Protein 1 gram
Sodium 150 milligrams
Fiber 0.25 grams

Major ingredients which are added to the club crackers are wheat flour, cottonseed oil, soybean, salt, baking soda, sugar, corn syrup, and chemicals.

So, are club crackers healthy?

Considering the nutrient content and ingredients of club crackers, we can’t consider them healthy at all. Fats, both saturated and unsaturated fats, are present in high amounts, even in one serving of club crackers.

Besides, salt is also present in quite a high concentration which is also not good for health. Some other factors which make club crackers an unhealthy snack are as follows;

Are club crackers good for weight loss?

As mentioned before, one serving of club crackers contains 70kcal and since most people do not stop at one serving, its high consumption may lead to obesity. Similarly, 4 grams of fat is present in one serving of club crackers which can easily accumulate in the form of piles around your belly and thighs.

And most importantly, since the club crackers contain a very little amount of dietary fiber, it doesn’t matter how many servings you eat, you won’t get that feeling of fullness and stay as hungry as before. In a nutshell, a club cracker is a recipe for an overweight and wide waistline!

Are club crackers good for your well-being?

Sadly but no! It doesn’t matter how savory they feel on your taste buds, these crackers are not gentle on your heart. Due to having a high concentration of sodium, they serve to increase your blood pressure, which in turn, opens an entryway for various other diseases like cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

Not only this but club crackers may also induce hypertension and amplify the chances of strokes, heart attacks, and disruption of your entire circulatory system.

Is there any type of club crackers that’s a bit healthy?

Although all the types are not completely healthy, if you are still obsessed with this snack, you better go with the original club crackers. Plus, you also need to go through the ingredient and nutrient contents, written on the packaging to find your healthy club crackers.

Generally, crackers having low sodium (lower than 200mg), more whole grain flour, and less sugar are considered healthier options so search them out and make your untimely munching healthier.