Is Nesquik Healthy?

Almost all of us have grown up drinking Nesquik, a special milk chocolate powder, manufactured by the world’s biggest food company, Nestle. Although Nesquik was launched more than seventy years ago, it’s still as popular as before and that’s why you’d find it in almost all the supermarkets of the world.

However, many people think that powdered chocolates and chocolate syrups are not healthy due to having preservatives and high amounts of sugar. So today, we are going to discuss the nutrient content of Nesquik in detail so you’ll be well aware of what’s going down the throat of you and your kids. Let’s begin!

Nutrient content of Nesquik

Two tablespoons of Nesquik chocolate flavored drink mix contain sixty calories and 14g carbs. Other macro and micronutrients which contributes to this calorie count are as follows

Total fat 0.5g
Sodium 30 milligrams
Dietary fiber 1g
Cholesterol 0 milligram
Protein 1 gram


Besides these macronutrients, the same serving of Nesquik also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, Niacin, calcium, iron, copper, Zinc, manganese, and caffeine too. How do all these nutrients affect your body and health, let’s figure it out! But first, let’s have a quick look at its ingredients.

Ingredients of Nesquik


The best part about Nesquik is that this chocolate powder doesn’t come with any artificial flavor or ingredient. However, still the company doesn’t contain pure cocoa powder since not everyone would like the bitterness of pure cocoa.

Thus, to make it a little more tasty and sweeter, some other ingredients are all made a part of the recipe like sugar, salt, natural flavoring, soy Lecithin, spices, and alkali-processed cocoa. Since the Nesquik chocolate mix is provided in a ready-to-use form, all the required sugar, flavors, and emulsifiers are already added so the consumer can prepare the drink instantly.

Is Nesquik good for weight loss?

The Nesquik chocolate mix contains a very high amount of sugar and natural sweeteners so no, we can’t say that it’s good for weight loss. It is believed that one serving of Nesquik comes with 12 grams of sugar which, if consumed way too much, may lead to making you and your children obese.

Is Nesquik good for kids?


Although Nesquik contains a very large amount of sugar, it’s healthy when used moderately. Some parents think that giving their kids the Nesquik chocolate drink at breakfast or before bed is better but that’s not the case.

Don’t think that the high sugar and flavoring are good enough to prepare your kids for their entire day. Instead, you should better go with a breakfast that is rich in protein, vitamins, and fiber. Such sort of breakfast won’t only keep your kid energetic but also make him feel full until his next meal.

Speaking more specifically about whether Nesquik is healthy or not, then yes, it’s much healthier than other chocolate mix products since it doesn’t contain any artificial additives. All the ingredients including spices, sugar, cocoa powder, and emulsifiers are 100% natural which contributes a lot to the overall well-being of your child in numerous ways.

For example, it provides essential micronutrients and minerals to your child’s body, which otherwise, are hard to get from regular food.