Flexing The Link Between Bodybuilding And Casinos

The sport of bodybuilding and the glamour of casinos have been joined at the hip for more than a decade. Ever since Ronnie Coleman won his second consecutive Mr. Olympia title at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on October 23, 1999, the sport’s premier event has been held at the glitzy environs of Las Vegas, the gambling capital … Read more

2005 Arnold Classic Results

Place Competitor 01 Dexter JACKSON 02 Chris CORMIER 03 Gustavo BADELL 04 Lee PRIEST 05 Melvin ANTHONY 06 Darrem CHARLES 07 Victor MARTINEZ 08 Troy ALVES 09 Mark DUGDALE 10 Anthony FREEMAN 11 Shahriar (King) KAMALI 12 David HENRY 13 Frank ROBERSON 14 Art ATWOOD 15 Idrise WARD-EL

2004 Olympia Preview

The 2004 edition of Joe Weider’s crowned jewel is slated for the weekend of October 30th. So far, the pre-event hype has centered mostly on the corporate side of the sport. In recent months, the headlines were dominated by the widely publicized American Media deal. A year ago, our attention was on “Ronnie-Jay-Gunter”. Those names … Read more

How To Add 120 Pounds To Your Squat Within The Next 6 Weeks

Today I want to introduce to you one of the simplest, shortest but most valuable strength producing workout routines. Probably it’s my usual German spleen but I love short result producing workout routines. It’s like I always design workout routines. Selecting the target – aiming – shooting and get out of it. I know it’s … Read more

How to Develop A Colossal Wide Back

It has been said that the pillar of a man’s strength and vigor is in his back. A man might have massive muscular arms, rugged formidable legs, superb abdominals, championship deltoids, and a powerful Herculean chest but without a colossal, powerful and fully developed back, he will be found lacking! It is not too much … Read more

Anthony Clark Interview

What’s your name for the record? – Anthony Wayne Clark. How old are you? – 34 years old…..born 1966 in the Philippines. How long have you been lifting? – I’ve been lifting for approximately 21 years. So more than half your life. How did you get started? – “I was a skinny little kid just … Read more

Night of the Champions 2003

41 massive competitors took the stage this year in New York City with guest emcees including Denise Masino, Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates, Gunter Schlierkamp, and Shawn Ray. Check out the photo report online now at www.muscletime.com more than 80 photos – onstage, backstage and behind the scenes. GREAT stuff! Place Country Victor MARTINEZ USA Pavol … Read more

Softball Biceps

When someone asks you to flex, what do you do? You immediately roll up your sleeve and flex a Bi. A lot of the attention that was formerly on shoulders may have shifted to chest, but none of that has taken away from the enormous fascination we have with the biceps. No other muscle swells … Read more

2003 Arnold Classic

  Who will win the 2003 Arnold Classic? Jay Cutler of Las Vegas won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition. A check for $100,000, a trophy, a 2003 Hummer and a $20,000 gold Rolex were presented to Cutler by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The prize money was donated by Physical magazine. Place Competitor Country   01 Jay CUTLER … Read more