Tom Platz talks SQUATTING

“I really believe attitude monitors talent. You have to take what you want. There has to be a certain amount of killer instinct present. You can’t take no-grow for an answer. This strategy can be applied in any venture.”  “Some people like to live without too much risk. They’re satisfied leading a safe existence. This … Read more

Bench Press Blastoff

Without a doubt, the most coveted and respected lift in the iron game is the barbell bench press. Ironically, no other lift is the source of so much frustration either. Sticking points and plateaus seem to trouble nearly everyone at one time or another. It’s not uncommon for someone to spend months or even years … Read more

2004 Arnold Classic

March 5-7, 2004 at Greater Columbus Convention Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus OH As Jay Cutler took his third straight Arnold Classic title the consensus of the audience and Team FLEX was that Dexter Jackson should have been the rightful winner instead of the recipient of third place. However, history now will record that Jay … Read more

Boulder Shoulders!

The shoulders are the key element in building an impressive physique. Every element holds its own in the whole that forms the amazing bodies that bodybuilding produces and no true bodybuilder will tell you that one body-part can make up for the lack of size in another because symmetry is all-important at the natural level. … Read more

Jake Jones

Bodybuilding artist Jake Jones has been training and competing in both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting since 1987. His introduction to the iron game came at age 14 from his father, Lennie Jones, who maintained a small home gym in the basement of the families Laurel, MD townhouse. The entire workout area was probably 10 x 10 … Read more


2005 MR. OLYMPIA Las Vegas, Nevada – Saturday, October 15, 2005 WINNER: RONNIE COLEMAN (USA) Place Competitor Country   01 Ronnie Coleman USA 02 Jay Cutler USA 03 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico 04 G�nter Schlierkamp Germany 05 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic 06 Dennis James Germany 07 Melvin Anthony USA 08 Branch Warren USA 09 Darrem … Read more

2003 GNC Show of Strength

2003 GNC Show of Strength Atlanta, Georgia – Saturday, November 8, 2003 WINNER: DEXTER JACKSON (USA) Place Competitor Country 01 Dexter Jackson USA* 02 Jay Cutler USA* 03 Kevin Levrone USA* 04 Dennis James USA 05 Günter Schlierkamp Germany 06 Darrem Charles Trinidad and Tobago 07 Chris Cormier USA 08 Melvin Anthony USA 09 Toney … Read more

GIANT Traps!

So you’ve got a gigantic chest, you’ve built cannonball delts and your lats stretch so far your 20 inch guns can’t reach your side anymore. But looking in the mirror you realize you look ridiculous and instead of exuding power as a man of your stature does, you look like a 220 pound wimp. Your … Read more

Proper Training for the Shoulders

The first thing to understand in big, strong, and well-defined shoulders is to not over-train them. Your shoulder muscles (deltoids, rhomboids,) are designed to stabilize your shoulder throughout a variety of movements with your arms. For example, although it’s your lats and triceps that are primarily responsible for the “throwing” motion, your shoulder muscles allow … Read more

The Deadlift

The deadlift is a heavy compound movement that should be included in the exercise program of any lifter. As this lift will strengthen not only the entire back, but the musculature of the hips, abdominals, and legs, as well as work the grip, proficiency in this lift is a must. Like the squat, the deadlift … Read more