Intermediate Bodybuilding

4 Days Per Week This is a typical intermediate routine. Each body part is to be worked 2 times per week, MONDAY- TUESDAY / THURSDAY-FRIDAY. It can be used by Male and Female. Try to use as much weight as possible (WITHOUT STRAINING). Don’t feel confined to the same exercises, experiment with different exercises till … Read more

Deadlift: The Forgotten Exercise

Very rarely do you ever see people deadlifting. Those that do are usually powerlifters or someone who is actually performing a variation of a deadlift. Often missing, the deadlift is an integral component of a strength building program. That’s not to say that everyone should be performing this movement or one of its variations, but … Read more

NPC State Contests

Date Type Alaska NPC Contests For More Info 3/30/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Alaska Championships (NQ) Anchorage, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 7/13/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Northern Lights Championships (NQ) Fairbanks, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 10/19/02 Bodybuilding Anchorage Championships Fairbanks, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 Date Type Arizona NPC Contests For More Info 3/23/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Figure … Read more

A Seminar with Frank Zane, 1977

Twenty-five years ago last April I received a letter from my friend, John Nystrom, in Anchorage, Alaska. In the contents of the letter he mentioned that he and the Anchorage Health Club were going to present the 1977 Mr. Anchorage Physique Contest. This event was going to take place at the Sidney Lawrence Auditorium on … Read more

Night of the Champions 2002

24th Night of the Champions 2002 May 18, 2002 Place Competitor Country 01 Markus RUHL* Germany 02 Bob CICHERILLO* USA 03 Francisco BAUTISTA* Spain 04 Darrem CHARLES* Trinidad 05 Craig TITUS* USA 06 Paul DILLETT USA 07 Tom PRINCE USA 08 Melvin ANTHONY USA 09 J.D. DAWODU England 10 Gustavo BADELL Puerto Rico 11 Willie STALLING … Read more

Calculate Your Daily Calories

Here’s a simple formula you can use to estimate your total caloric needs for the day.  Change your weight in pounds to kilograms: Divide your weight by 2.2. Your basal metabolic rate is approximately one calorie per kilogram per hour. Multiply your weight in kilograms by the 24 hours in a day. This is the … Read more

Success with Strength Training

Strength training is the most effective way to turn your body into a fat burning machine and stay in great shape! It is the most productive form of exercise there is! In order to be successful with strength training there are some basic principles that must be followed if you want to receive the many … Read more

Aspirating While Injecting: Why and HOW

What is aspiration? To aspirate is to withdraw fluid with a syringe. More specifically, after inserting the needle, pulling back on the plunger of the syringe for a few seconds to see if the needle is in a blood vessel. Rarely, this will be the case and a bit of blood will fill the syringe. If … Read more

The Power of Protein

Adequate protein intake is essential for building muscle, gaining weight and maintaining your physique. Eating quality protein with each of your 4-6 meals daily will ensure your physique will reach it’s potential.  Here are some guidelines on how much protein is optimal: For Muscle Building or Weight Gain: approximately 1-2 grams of protein per pound of … Read more

2005 IRONMAN Results

2005 IRONMAN Bodybuilding & Figure Championships February 18, 2005 at Pasadena, CA Place Competitor 01 Gustavo BADELL 02 Lee PRIEST 03 Troy ALVES 04 Melvin ANTHONY 05 Shahriar (King) KAMALI 06 Craig TITUS 07 David HENRY 08 Mark DUGDALE 09 Mike MORRIS 10 Idrise WARD-EL