How Accurate are Fitbit Calories Burned?

Fitbit has been a huge hit and a lot of people are depending on it. However, we are still unsure about its accuracy. Some of you might not know whether this fitness tracker is accurate or not. Moreover, what are its chances of error and mistake?

So when it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit is probably the most accurate one.

How can we determine the accuracy?


If we want to check the accuracy of Fitbit, we need to consider some factors.

1 – Performed activities

One of the important factors that determine the accuracy of Fitbit is the type of activity you are performing. If you are running or jogging, the calorie count will be different. You do not burn the same number of calories while running and while swimming.

So an hour of running is not equal to even half an hour of swimming. Therefore, if you think that you were taking a ride on a roller-coaster and it has burned a similar number of calories as running, you are wrong.

2 – The model

The accuracy of this fitness tracker also depends on its model. Having the latest model means that you have highly accurate results.

Previous models were also made with the best available technology. However, as we are passing the days, our technology is advancing. Therefore, the latest models of gadgets and the latest updates of applications offer the highest accuracy levels.

3 – Scientific research support

While there is no fitness tracker that guarantees 100 percent results, Fitbit claims the highest accuracy. Therefore, a lot of research studies have worked on checking the accuracy level of this fitness tracker. That is why we can say that it is supported by different research studies.

How does Fitbit track the burned calories?


To understand whether Fitbit is accurate or not, you need to know how it works. Fitbit looks at different factors while counting your calories. The things that it considers include;

1 – Basal metabolic rate of your body

The metabolic functioning of everyone’s body is different. Therefore, you should know your basal metabolic rate to make sure that the fitness tracker is working fine.

To know your basal metabolic rate, you need your age, weight, height and your biological sex. With the accurate basal metabolic rate, you will get an accurate number of calories that you are burning.

2 – Heart race, and your movement

If you are doing any exercise, your heartbeat will increase. Therefore, Fitbit will analyze your heartbeat. However, there are some problems with it as well. If you are pushing your shopping cart, Fitbit will not consider it as walking. Therefore, it will not show any burned calories. However, while pushing your cart, you will be burning some calories.

Similarly, if you adjust your watch, Fitbit will consider it your full body movement and will show burned calories. Therefore, there is always a risk of miscalculation. While adjusting or removing your watch, you will get some burned calories, which is not happening.

Thus, there is always a risk of miscalculations, so we cannot say that it is 100 percent accurate.