2003 Ironman Pro Invitational Results

Chris Cormier decided at the last minute to pull out of the show, with a dominant Jay Cutler taking it. However, second place went to Melvin Anthony, who took it over Flex Wheeler. Troy Alves came out of nowhere to place 4th. Aaron Baker’s comeback was also quite nice to see. Here are the scorecard … Read more

9 Ways to Get Mentally Prepared for Competition

What are the most important factors in determining a bodybuilder’s success? I suppose there are probably as many answers to this question as there are bodybuilders concerned with it. Most would agree that a regimen consisting of proper nutrition and supplementation in conjunction with a sensible training routine and plenty of rest is the way … Read more

Competition Day: A Show Day Breakdown

So you’ve put on slabs of muscle, chiseled it down with a hardcore carb, rotation diet, practiced your posing, slaved away on the stationary bike for hours on end, shaved every last hair on your body (well almost), tanned as if you were a mile from the sun, painted your entire body, and generally driven … Read more

NPC State Contests

Date Type Alaska NPC Contests For More Info 3/30/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Alaska Championships (NQ) Anchorage, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 7/13/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Northern Lights Championships (NQ) Fairbanks, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 10/19/02 Bodybuilding Anchorage Championships Fairbanks, Alaska Performance Productions (907) 243-4608 Date Type Arizona NPC Contests For More Info 3/23/02 Bodybuilding Fitness Figure … Read more

Night of the Champions 2002

24th Night of the Champions 2002 May 18, 2002 Place Competitor Country 01 Markus RUHL* Germany 02 Bob CICHERILLO* USA 03 Francisco BAUTISTA* Spain 04 Darrem CHARLES* Trinidad 05 Craig TITUS* USA 06 Paul DILLETT USA 07 Tom PRINCE USA 08 Melvin ANTHONY USA 09 J.D. DAWODU England 10 Gustavo BADELL Puerto Rico 11 Willie STALLING … Read more

2005 IRONMAN Results

2005 IRONMAN Bodybuilding & Figure Championships February 18, 2005 at Pasadena, CA Place Competitor 01 Gustavo BADELL 02 Lee PRIEST 03 Troy ALVES 04 Melvin ANTHONY 05 Shahriar (King) KAMALI 06 Craig TITUS 07 David HENRY 08 Mark DUGDALE 09 Mike MORRIS 10 Idrise WARD-EL  

2004 Olympia Preview

The 2004 edition of Joe Weider’s crowned jewel is slated for the weekend of October 30th. So far, the pre-event hype has centered mostly on the corporate side of the sport. In recent months, the headlines were dominated by the widely publicized American Media deal. A year ago, our attention was on “Ronnie-Jay-Gunter”. Those names … Read more

Night of the Champions 2003

41 massive competitors took the stage this year in New York City with guest emcees including Denise Masino, Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates, Gunter Schlierkamp, and Shawn Ray. Check out the photo report online now at www.muscletime.com more than 80 photos – onstage, backstage and behind the scenes. GREAT stuff! Place Country Victor MARTINEZ USA Pavol … Read more

2003 Arnold Classic

  Who will win the 2003 Arnold Classic? Jay Cutler of Las Vegas won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition. A check for $100,000, a trophy, a 2003 Hummer and a $20,000 gold Rolex were presented to Cutler by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The prize money was donated by Physical magazine. Place Competitor Country   01 Jay CUTLER … Read more