Memories Of Muscle Beach – Where Beach Bodies Began

There’s a picture that appears in the muscle mags and a book or two that sneaks up on me occasionally and causes me to shudder. I’m 22, 250 pounds and a brand new resident of Santa Monica, California. I’m a donut covered with powdered white confectioner’s sugar and I stand conspicuously like a grinning duffer … Read more

A Seminar with Frank Zane, 1977

Twenty-five years ago last April I received a letter from my friend, John Nystrom, in Anchorage, Alaska. In the contents of the letter he mentioned that he and the Anchorage Health Club were going to present the 1977 Mr. Anchorage Physique Contest. This event was going to take place at the Sidney Lawrence Auditorium on … Read more

Anthony Clark Interview

What’s your name for the record? – Anthony Wayne Clark. How old are you? – 34 years old…..born 1966 in the Philippines. How long have you been lifting? – I’ve been lifting for approximately 21 years. So more than half your life. How did you get started? – “I was a skinny little kid just … Read more

Tom Platz talks SQUATTING

“I really believe attitude monitors talent. You have to take what you want. There has to be a certain amount of killer instinct present. You can’t take no-grow for an answer. This strategy can be applied in any venture.”  “Some people like to live without too much risk. They’re satisfied leading a safe existence. This … Read more

Jake Jones

Bodybuilding artist Jake Jones has been training and competing in both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting since 1987. His introduction to the iron game came at age 14 from his father, Lennie Jones, who maintained a small home gym in the basement of the families Laurel, MD townhouse. The entire workout area was probably 10 x 10 … Read more

2003 Bodyonics Pinnacle NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Jackie Gleason Theater – November 14-15, 2003

Men’s Bantamweight Men’s Lightweight Men’s Middleweight   Marvin Ward* Lazarus Angulo Roland Huff Kenneth B. Rios Silvio Schillen Johnny McKnight IV George Gibson John A. Fama David N. Wilson, Jr. Mike Su Carl J. Lapeyrouse Jerry Bell, Jr. Calvin Choy Michael A. Echevarria Ed Pettner Marc Jacobs* Henderson Gordon Roland Aki Al Ferraro Mike Martini … Read more