Is Sparkling Ice Good for You?

Drinks taste amazing but their sugar content is quite high and we have become diet conscious. Therefore, now we have sugar-free drinks. However, you should know that they are also not quite healthy. But there is something that makes drinks feel and taste better, which is the sparkling effect.

It makes you feel refreshed and increases your excitement. But what if you can have the same sparkling effect from something healthier? There is sparkling water and ice. It does not actually have many ingredients in it.

Ingredients of sparkling ice


Before taking sparkling ice, you should know that it might not be considered a lot of things but it surely has other ingredients. It contains antioxidants, vitamins and also green tea extract. All these ingredients are quite good but there is something else, which is artificial sweetener sucralose.

Despite the health benefits, sucralose is there. This is not a very good thing for your health. Sucralose increases the risk of some health issues, especially insulin resistance. This is the only thing that makes the healthiness of sparkling ice a questionable thing.

Added vitamins and green tea extract

A good thing about this ice is that it contains green tea extract and also some added minerals. So if you are feeling tired and lethargic, it will save your energy to do your work. Furthermore, it can boost your mind and will refresh your body. So it is a good source of relaxation.

Moreover, it also contains added electrolytes. So if you have sweated a lot during your workout, this will fulfill your electrolyte deficiency.

In addition to this, the ingredients vary with the flavor that you choose. Here are my favorite flavors and their ingredients.

Grape and Raspberry

If you choose sparkling ice with zero sugar in grape and raspberry flavors, its components are many. Of course, you will get artificial flavoring and also food colors. So you cannot say that it is a healthy thing. However, it is far better than drinking cold drinks or highly sweetened juices.

Cherry Vanilla


It also contains natural flavors and sweeteners. Caffeine is also the main ingredient of this ice and it is also obtained from natural sources. Therefore, it won’t cause any adverse health effects.

Considering the health effects, it is far better than artificial juices and cold drinks. The main reason behind this is that the flavors are not artificial but natural. Furthermore, it does not contain a lot of ingredients. Considering all these factors, it surely is a healthy thing.

But the sucralose!

Despite everything, it still has sucralose. Therefore, you should not make a habit of drinking this on a daily basis. If you are trying to get rid of your habit of drinking cold drinks, you can give it a try. Drink it when you are craving cold drinks a lot.

But if you are drinking it all the time just for fun, you are harming your body. Your metabolic functioning will be affected.