Are Oranges Acidic? Orange and Its Juice for Heartburn Good or Bad

After mangoes, oranges are the most loved and mouth-watering fruit which is like in all parts of the world. Due to having antioxidant nature and being rich in fibers, they contribute a lot to keeping your skin, hair, and nails in the perfect shape.

However, some people complain that they feel heartburn and acid reflux on eating oranges or drinking orange juice. Why does it happen? Is there any relationship between acid reflux and oranges or does it happen due to your other food choices? And if oranges cause heartburn, is there any way we could enjoy oranges without feeling burning aches afterward? Read the article to know!

Chemical nature of oranges


To figure out the physical impacts of oranges, we first need to know about their chemical nature. On the pH scale, oranges lie on the acidic side since it has a pH of about 3-4. However, not all oranges have the same pH just as not all of them taste similar.

Some are tangy, some are sweet, and some are in between being tangy and sweet. The oranges which taste tanger are rich in citric and ascorbic acid due to which, they have low pH and are more acidic. On the other hand, the oranges which taste sweeter are low in citric and ascorbic acid due to which they have high pH and are less acidic.

You might be surprised to know that some oranges also lie in the alkaline range of pH. For example, Mandarin oranges have a pH of around 8-9. However, the tangier and most acidic oranges are blood oranges with a 3.33 pH.

Speaking of the pH of orange juice then it depends upon the types of oranges to make juice. However, the pH of store-bought orange juices could be higher than raw orange juice since they also contain sugar and other preservatives in large quantities.

So, is Orange and its juice good or bad for heartburn?


Sadly but no! Orange and orange juice are not good for heartburn due to being acidic. Your acid reflux may get worse on taking oranges or their juice.

If you are looking for fruit juice to treat heartburn, you better opt for alkaline juices like melon juice or banana juice and avoid all the citrus juices like grapefruits, lime and lemon juice, etc. Other beverages like coffee and some should also be avoided if you are suffering from heartburn or acid reflux.

Is there any way not to feel heartburn after orange consumption?

If you are not already suffering from acid reflux or heartburn, eating one or two oranges or having one glass of orange juice won’t trigger heartburn. Still, you should make sure that you are not having orange or its juice on an empty stomach. Besides, avoid store-bought orange juices and opt for unsweetened homemade juice to avoid heartburn and suppress the symptoms of acid reflux. Remember that the more sugar you’ll add to your juice, the more acidic it will get.