Best Meal Plan for Eating 500 Calories a Day for a Month

Looking for the Best Meal Plan for Eating 500 Calories a Day for a Month? If so, have a look at our nutrients-filled meal plan with a lot of food variety and shed 8-10 lbs.

One of every three adults is fighting obesity but sadly, shedding only a few pounds seems impossible at a point. If you are also overweight, you might be aware of the struggle you have to make to get back in shape. You can’t eat everything you like or crave, you have to follow a strict diet plan, and you have to spend many hours of your day in the gym, burning piles of fat from your body.

However, in this hustling bustling world, following and affording such a strict routine is not possible for everyone and that’s where a 500-calorie diet comes to help. Experts say that this magical diet plan can make you lose around 8-20 lbs in four weeks. In other words, you can get back to that ideal figure just in a year, if you stick seriously to the plan.

The only problem associated with this 500-calorie diet plan is that if your 500-calorie meal plan is not appropriate, you might end up with nutritional deficiency which in turn may lead to serious disorders. So today, we are going to pen down the best meal plan for eating 500 calories a day for a month, so at the end of the month, you won’t only achieve your pounds shedding goal but also stay healthy and content.


500-calorie a Day Diet Plan

Before jumping into our first 500-calorie diet plan, let us clarify one thing; you need to undergo this strict diet only if a health professional recommends it. Otherwise, it might do more harm than good. The diet plan we are sharing below needs to be followed in series – day 1 – day 2 – day 3 – Repeat.

Day 1 meal plan

On day one, you need to take one cup of black coffee or tea with no sugar, one cup of nonfat yogurt, and one small apple for breakfast.

For lunch, you may have one full bowl of green salad with oil-based dressings (however the oil content shouldn’t be higher than 1 teaspoon). With salad, eat the boiled chicken breast of about 850g. For dinner, get yourself one cup of green Spanish and two omelets of egg white.


Day 2 meal plan

Congrats, you’ve successfully passed the day one challenge! For the second day, you need to take the same cup of unsweetened black coffee or tea. Along with it, you may have half a cup of skim-milk cheese and one small banana.

For lunch, get yourself one bowl of vegetable soup. Feeling hungry? Don’t worry because you’re going to have a delicious dinner for bearing this hunger challenge. For dinner, you can eat one full cup of steamed or boiled broccoli with grilled turkey of about 3 ounces.

Day 3 meal plan

Hey! Be happy because you’ve finally made it to day three. Today you are going to have one cup of unsweetened black coffee or tea (no compromise on caffeine intake though) with two hard-boiled eggs.

For lunch, eat half cup of honeydew melon and one cup of nonfat cheese whereas, for dinner, you may have a half cup of boiled vegetables with one cup of non-fat yogurt.