Routine for Strength and Hypertrophy By Phil D’Amato – Weekly Plan

Routine for Strength

The objective of this routine is strength and hypertrophy. Plain and simple. Follow it, eat right, don’t take supplements, and get large. Monday: Back/Chest/Abs Tuesday: Hamstrings/Erectors Wednesday: Off Thursday: Triceps/Delts/Biceps/Abs Friday: Squat/Deadlift Saturday: Off Sunday: Off The formula – sets x reps @ tempo w/ rest. 4 x 7 @ 3120 w/ 120 is 4 … Read more

Basics of Power and Strength Development – Training Program

Coaches who are well read in the area of strength training will attest to the fact that considerable differences exist in training beliefs, philosophies, and the concurrent day to day implementation of techniques and exercises. As we have stated here many times in the past, any program that holds true to the tenets of comprehensive … Read more

It’s Not What You Do It’s How Hard You Do It – Workout Tips

Today in the strength and conditioning field there are as many ways to train athletes as there are different ways to run a football or basketball team. Being around collegiate athletics for almost 10 years I have seen hundreds of different strength and conditioning programs for virtually every sport. Some programs incorporate Olympic Lifting; some … Read more

2003 GNC Show of Strength

2003 GNC Show of Strength Atlanta, Georgia – Saturday, November 8, 2003 WINNER: DEXTER JACKSON (USA) Place Competitor Country 01 Dexter Jackson USA* 02 Jay Cutler USA* 03 Kevin Levrone USA* 04 Dennis James USA 05 G√ľnter Schlierkamp Germany 06 Darrem Charles Trinidad and Tobago 07 Chris Cormier USA 08 Melvin Anthony USA 09 Toney … Read more