A Jealously Guarded Secret Of Bodybuilding Success!

I’m going to finally reveal the secret to bodybuilding success! You’ve been so patient, dear reader, but you’ve suspected all these months that there were secrets to losing fat and gaining muscle that I was keeping from you. Well to be quite honest there are several secrets to bodybuilding success. This week I’m going to … Read more

Free Weights Versus Machines – Which One to Choose?

Free weights and machines are just tools to place stress and tension on your muscles. At STANFORD we use barbells, dumbbells, machines, leverage equipment, manual resistance, and body weight exercises. This provides variety psychologically and physically, allowing us to use change as a motivator. Your muscles cannot tell where the tension comes from. It is … Read more

7 Myths About Abs – Improve Your Workouts

Many would argue that abs are the most wanted muscle on any physique. But what’s realistic when it comes to abdominal endeavors? I decided to write about the 7 myths I hear most often. Hopefully, this clears up any misleading information. Most Common Ab Myths 1. I Must Train Abs for Hours for Them to … Read more

A Different Kind Of Battle

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Smith and I live in Yorktown, Virginia. I’ve been lifting for years and am always ready to experience new techniques and ideas. A little over one year ago I discovered odd objects and let me say things have never been the same. I’ve been training iron … Read more