Lee Priest and Milos Sarcev
Retiring from Bodybuilding
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  Lee Priest's simple statement of retirement on May 23 stunned many of us here at Getbig. "I will say again that I am out. The sport is no longer fun for me. And to see what's happening to a lot of good athletes is crazy. Cause in the end all you have is your health and some of the greats don't even have that."

  So what does this mean? At this time, Lee is retired, but we are all hoping, with Lee's fans encouraging him, that he will make one last stand at the 2003 Mr. Olympia. More to come soon... (5/23)

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  It also seems that this year's contest will be the last time we will see Milos compete. First at the 2003 Night of Champions, then at the 2003 Hungary Pro, and if all goes well, his last contest will be at 2003 Mr. Olympia. As Milos said "As I told you recently, I am retiring from the competitive side of the sport, and I would do anything to help you and others who are willing to change our sport � with whatever I can." (5/22)

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